About us

For more than 20 years, we’ve created memorials that are true to the memory of the person who’s passed. We would be honoured to assist you and your family.

Understanding the character of the deceased

We are here to guide you through the process of selecting and designing a memorial. What sets Avalon Memorials apart is the time we spend getting to know you and, through your stories, getting to know the deceased. Who they were.  What they meant to you.

In our conversations, you are welcome to bring photos, or mementos, if you wish. Some people meet with us on their own; others bring their whole family.  We will accommodate whatever makes you feel that you’re expressing the character of the deceased.

Creating a memorial design

As a picture emerges of the deceased, we begin sketching out a design to show the memorial’s essential shape and features.  Do you want a granite headstone, or would marble be better for the gravesite?

Would you like a bronze memorial plaque?  Gradually, we refine the design until we arrive at a detailed architectural drawing, ready for your approval.

Installing the memorial

When the memorial is ready, we will install it at the grave site.  When our craftsmen go to work, we take care to make sure that every detail is as it should be.

We will have the memorial ready to install within four months of finalising the design, so you gain peace of mind sooner.

Contact us to discuss your memorial