Avalon Monuments and Memorials work with your family to create exquisite monuments and memorials that best reflect the essence of your loved one; be it in a full memorial, lawn memorial or plaque.  We understand that you are creating a lovely representation of your loved one; a genealogical record for your family history, and a timeless artwork.

Avalon Monuments and Memorials use granite in our memorials.  Granite is composed predominantly of quartz and feldspar, formed during the slow crystallisation of magma below the earth’s surface. Quartz and feldspar rate at 6 and 7 respectively on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means your memorial, undisturbed, and with very little maintenance, will remain looking beautiful for many years to come.  Granite comes in a lovely array of colours and phaneritic textures (grains) and has been long regarded as a symbol of status, strength, and durability.

We also use the world’s best carrara marble; the eternal symbol of purity and immortality.  Marble is composed of calcite, formed when limestone is exposed to heat and pressure over millions of years.  Calcite has a rating of 3 on the Mohs scale of hardness, although marble is quite a hard stone in and of itself.

The beauty of these lovely memorials is also often enhanced with statues, personal images, national emblems, sporting passions, military insignia, candle boxes, vases, floral motifs, urns and metal lettering.

Avalon Monuments and Memorials work with you to achieve beautiful memorials, all the while remaining conscious of working in with family members, timing, economics and due process.

Further, if you need to create a culturally specific memorial, we will be happy to guide you in selecting a memorial that is aesthetically, culturally and religiously appropriate, limited only by your imagination and cemetery guidelines.

Avalon Monuments and Memorials’ professional approach to your memorial selection ensures your experience will be a comforting and pleasant one.