Full memorials

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When your loved one passes, you may choose to create a full memorial as a monument to their legacy.    The memorial becomes a place where you and your family can return to remember your loved one and pay respects.

In your memorial purchase, you are not only honouring your loved one; but also creating a wonderful genealogical record and timeless artwork for your family.  When you choose Avalon Memorials, you ensure these lovely outcomes are achieved in countenance with family, timing, economics and process.

Creating a memorial

We begin with our Grace Range.  The Grace Range is our entry level range of memorials tastefully designed in granite*.  This beautiful stone exhibits unparalleled natural durability and is regarded as a symbol of status, strength, and durability.  Our Elegance Range also incorporates Carrara marble.  Marble**, in all its beauty, is the eternal symbol of purity and immortality.

*Granite is composed predominantly of quartz and feldspar formed during the slow crystallisation of magma below Earth’s surface. These compounds rate at 6 and 7 respectively on the Mohs scale of hardness.

** Carrara marble is the highest quality marble in the world.  All marble is composed of calcite. Calcite is formed when limestone is exposed to heat and pressure over millions of years and has a rating of 3 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Although marble is quite a soft stone, its sundry elements increase its overall strength and longevity.

The possibilities for a full memorial include:

Single or Double: Do you intend the monument to allow space for a family crypt? The possibilities in this situation will depend on the size of your grave plot, so we encourage you to discuss this with your funeral provider as soon as possible.

Headstone: Headstone styles range from sculptural and intricate to simple and classic. We will help you arrive at the most fitting design.

Stone:  We create granite monuments, as well as any other stone type available, from black galaxy to blue pearl.

Slab: The stone slab adds gravitas to the memorial.  Here too, we can accommodate your wishes in designing and customising this element.

Adding accessories and inscriptions

Whatever accessories you feel will complete the memorial, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

View a complete list of accessories.

The inscription is your opportunity to express the character of your loved one, and how they will be remembered.  We can create inscriptions in any language, and any style.  We’ll also advise you on what lettering will be most clearly readable, bearing in mind your choice of stone and monument design.

We look forward to working with you; and we hope you love the memorial we design for you as much as we enjoy making it.

n.b.  Avalon Monuments and Memorials design, create and install memorials within the parameters set down by the cemetery and plot of your choosing. 

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